You KNOW that so much more is possible…

You want to live “All-in” – broken open, on fire, living from your uniqueness. You want to use your gifts to help to create a world even better than you can imagine. Not only do you know you can’t do it alone….you don’t want to! You want a community of other passionate visionaries that want to be on the evolving edge with you!

Even with all the crazy in the world, a new consciousness is awakening. Growing waves of us are realizing that there is so much more possible. But waking up is just the beginning…

What’s NEXT?

During this 3 evening series, come gather with other visionaries and leaders of all kinds, to explore this question through a powerful new framework, called The Four Forces. The Four Forces Framework (FFF) offers a way to align with each other and with life to create true synergy. The evening will include time for real world collaboration, visioning together and sharing our gifts.

We hope to spark momentum for ongoing local community for those that want to learn and create at the evolving edge.

We would love for you to join us!

Part One: Collective Evolution

How can we create a vision of the future that we can all agree on and can work towards together? How do we bring it into reality?

For the Four Forces Framework portion of the evening we will look at:

• Four Types of Awakening That are Happening Now
• Why the Current Shift is So Significant
• Why Linear Growth No Longer Works
• The Developmental Stages of Humanity & What Stage is Next
• The 3 Types of Power & How you can Have More Impact
• How to Assess World Problems and Use FFF to Find Solutions
• How our top 4 Presidential Candidates are ALL Describing our Future
• How You Can Be “Enlightened” and Still Be a Jerk
• The Evolution of Pathways such as Sexuality (eros), Spirituality (soul) and Science (collide) and how to predict trends using the FFF

During the second part of the evening, we will be breaking into smaller groups to envision what’s next from a global/ collective perspective. We will tackle real world issues creating collective and personal next steps. There will be a chance to debrief with the whole community.

Part Two: Collaborative Evolution

How can we create true synergy and real world leverage through our relationships, community and organizations? What does collaboration look like in this next phase?
In the Four Forces Framework portion of the evening we will look at:
• Why Win/Win, Consensus and Compromise Don’t Work Anymore
• Shifting from Orchestra to Jazz Improv
• The 3 Problems with Oneness
• The Importance of the “Third Thing”
• Using FFF as a Translation Tool
• “What Wants to Happen”
• Working with “Fields of Intelligence”
• Separating Form from Intention
• How Expanded Collaboration Affects Relationships,
Community and in Business/Organizations and How to Use the FFF in Each
We will be breaking into smaller groups to envision what’s next for how we collaborate in our relationships, businesses, organizations and communities. There will be a chance to share each group’s insights with the whole community.

Part Three: Individual Evolution

What does personal desire, being human, learning and an “All-in” life look like in this next phase of our evolution?

For the Four Forces Framework portion of the evening we will look at:

• Why Traditional Personal Growth No Longer is As Effective
• Why Love, Money and Happiness are not good Motivators
• 3 Key Confusions around Connection & Expression
• How to Fall in Love with Anyone
• Fear Shifting & Desire Amplification
• Beyond Oneness – What’s Next?
• “Advanced Skills”
• Common Strategies & Archetypes
• Using FFF for Personal Assessment & Pattern Identification
We will be breaking into smaller working groups for each person to have individual time to look at some aspect of their life. Look at overall patterns with new eyes and receive support from the group.



Cost: $20 per evening

General Schedule:
6:30p – 7:00p Connecting
7:00p – 8:30p Exploring Evolution Through FFF
8:30p – 9:30p Emergent Small Groups & Large Group Debrief

Upcoming 2016 Dates

Boston / Newton

Thursday, June 2nd- Collective Evolution
Thursday, June 9th – Collaborative Evolution
Thursday, June 16th  – Individual Evolution

Northampton, MA

Tuesday, May 24th – Collective Evolution
Tuesday, May 31st – Collaborative Evolution
Tuesday, June 7th – Individual Evolution

New York City

Wednesday, May 25th – Collective Evolution
Wednesday, June 1st – Collaborative Evolution
Wednesday, June 8th – Individual Evolution