What’s NEXT? An “All-in” Life

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series

Do you want to live…

  • Broken open, conscious and connected to everything?
  • On fire, with passion and from your uniqueness?
  • With purpose, offering your gifts and contributing to the greater good?
  • Constantly learning and evolving while manifesting and creating?

All at the same time?

Many of us have done a lot of personal work and wrestled a lot of our demons. We are living good lives and try to be help where we can….

and yet…

We know there is still more…

We want it all. We want to live “all-in” at our personal edge and stretch ourselves into new levels of evolution. We want to claim our consciousness and embrace our multidimensional nature.

We are being called to be a new kind of participant…

So, What’s NEXT?

What does personal desire, being human, learning and an “All-in” life look like in this next phase? How do we embrace our roles as conscious agents of our own evolution?

In the seminar portion of the evening, you will learn:

  • Why your desire to live “all-in” is important to our human development
  • Four advanced skills of an “all-in” life
  • A simple framework that integrates the various aspects of your life
  • How to cultivate deeper desire that moves you with momentum
  • Ways to identify strategies that no longer serve you and how to shift them
  • How to “wake up” in four different ways

In the collaborative part of the evening…

  • Connect & Share Your Experiences, Vision and Deep Desire around Your Personal Evolution
  • Explore together what the next state of human development looks like, what that means and how we can consciously embrace it
  • Brainstorm new ways we can support ourselves and each other living an “all-in” life
  • Create Tangible Next Steps for Yourself & Our Emerging Community

Cost: $20 per evening, $50 for series

General Schedule:
6:30pm – 7:00pm Connecting
7:00pm – 9:30pm Interactive Seminar & Small Groups
9:30pm – 10:00pm Socializing

Upcoming 2016 Dates

Boston / Newton

Thursday, June 2nd- An “All-in” Future
Thursday, June 9th – “All-in” Collaboration
Thursday, June 16th  – An “All-in” Life

Northampton, MA

Tuesday, May 24th – An “All-in” Future
Tuesday, May 31st – “All-in” Collaboration
Tuesday, June 7th – An “All-in” Life

New York City

Wednesday, May 25th – An “All-in” Future
Wednesday, June 1st – “All-in” Collaboration
Wednesday, June 8th – An “All-in” Life