What’s NEXT? “All-in” Collaboration

Part 2 of a 3 Part Series

Would you like to create relationships, community and organizations that:

  • Cultivate deep connection, awareness and support?
  • Encourage you to be your unique self…and welcome ALL facets of you?
  • Create true synergy and effective collaboration – real results?
  • Grow and evolve… and encourage you to as well?

All at the same time?

Many of us have been taught that life is like an orchestra…

There is a hierarchy and there are fixed roles. If you’re smart, powerful or conniving enough, you can be the conductor and get your song played…otherwise you are expected to go along.

What if life were more like a Jazz Improv Ensemble?

Each player has their unique instrument (Expression), and everyone comes together with the intention of playing amazing music (Purpose). But rather than a fixed song, the joy comes from what emerges (Growth) as they lean into one another, supporting ‘what the music wants’ and each other’s solos. (Connection)

What is created is beyond any song we can imagine alone. That’s the real magic.

Our lives are changing rapidly and there is a new wave of consciousness that is calling for new ways to work together on all levels….we are being asked to be a different kind of participant.

So, What’s NEXT?

How can we create true synergy in our relationships, community and organizations? What does partnership and collaboration look like in this next phase of our evolution? How can we better help and support one another and enjoy the process?

In the seminar portion of the evening, you will learn:

  • How to translate many voices into one powerful intention
  • How to turn conflict and power struggles into juice and momentum
  • A powerful alternative to win/win, consensus and compromise
  • Three valuable skills necessary for “jazz improv”
  • How you can identify and work with “what wants to happen”
  • What’s really happening with 4 common collaboration styles and how to shift them:
    • The Talker / Over Sharer
    • The Dominator
    • The “How” Person
    • The Rule Maker / Follower

In the collaborative part of the evening…

  •  Connect & Share Your Experiences, Vision and Deep Desire around Relationships, Community and Collaboration
  • Create Real World “Creative Collaborations” with each other
  • Brainstorm new ways we can use technology, social media, personal networks and social capital to help each other
  • Create Tangible Next Steps for Yourself & Our Emerging Community

Cost: $20 per evening, $50 for series

General Schedule:
6:30pm – 7:00pm Connecting
7:00pm – 9:30pm Interactive Seminar & Small Groups
9:30pm – 10:00pm Socializing

Upcoming 2016 Dates

Boston / Newton

Thursday, June 2nd- An “All-in” Future
Thursday, June 9th – “All-in” Collaboration
Thursday, June 16th  – An “All-in” Life

Northampton, MA

Tuesday, May 24th – An “All-in” Future
Tuesday, May 31st – “All-in” Collaboration
Tuesday, June 7th – An “All-in” Life

New York City

Wednesday, May 25th – An “All-in” Future
Wednesday, June 1st – “All-in” Collaboration
Wednesday, June 8th – An “All-in” Life