Facets of Mastery

We see the areas of mastery or types of evolution as facets. Each distinct, but also so interconnected that ultimately they are the same thing.

Each level of Mastery is a different perspective of The Four Forces, adding another layer of integration and expanding the scope of application. While each level builds on the other, at the same time, there is always new understanding and more capacity at each level.

It has been our experience that this work is fractal in nature, with infinite complexity that is at the same time simple, and self-similar no matter what scale you are exploring. As you deepen your understanding, the elegance and never ending pattern emerges. With each rotation around the spiral of the Four Forces, you add more facets, skills, and layers of perception.  It both gets more complex and rich at the same time, affirming it’s simple, iterative and fractal nature.

How can we create a vision of the future that we can all agree on and can work towards together? How do we bring it into physical reality?

Collective Mastery: We are part of a bigger story and bigger wave of evolution. We are being called to participate consciously in this shift that is happening on the planet as leaders, as models and as visionaries.

How can we create true synergy and real world leverage through our relationships, community and organizations? What does amplified collaboration look like in this next phase?

Collaborative Mastery: Learning to play with others is an art, and we need new ways of creating and collaborating in order to face our current social and planetary challenges.

What does personal desire, being human, learning and an “All-in” life look like in this next phase of our evolution?

Individual Mastery:  We never stop knowing ourselves and growing. Its especially important to upgrade our personal skills and perceptions to keep up with the pace of a exponentially changing world.