Four Forces Facilitator Training

Do you want to contribute, be of service and have an impact in the world in some way?

As soon as you set the intention that you want to be of service in some way…you are stepping into facilitation.

  • Supporting your Relationships, Family & Friends
  • Community Building
  • Being a Leader at Work
  • Working with Clients
  • One-on One Coaching Work
  • Facilitating Workshops
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Creating Planetary Change

Facilitation is set of perspectives and skills that allow you to see from multiple dimensions beyond the surface and respond to what wants to happen” in service to the greater good….including you!

The definition of facilitation is “the act of making something easier.”

We call our approach facilitation because it is our intention to ease the way for greater connection, expression, purpose and growth in our relationships, organizations and world.  At the foundation of our approach is that we look for “what wants to happen” and follow the lead of those that we are facilitating.  No one or nothing needs to be “fixed.” Even the most challenging emotion, behavior or conflict, is pointing to the even-better-than-we-imagined possibility.

Collaboration and Internship Opportunities:
The Ollin Institute is actively seeking future facilitators for meetups, classes, weekends and retreats. Individual evaluation will determine the timing and opportunities, however completion of the training is a strong consideration.

How it works:

Our training program is based on modules and tracks.

All facilitation training starts with the core foundation module. Once that has been completed, you have access to advanced training weekends as well as additional modules based on three tracks of expanded learning:

  • One-on-One Work
  • Group Facilitation
  • Culture & Organization Facilitation

Foundation Module (4 weekends):
Each weekend will have a primary teaching focus, however given the nature of the work, they will overlap. Each weekend will have the opportunity to learn through demonstration and practice using personal work of participants.

Weekend #1:   Expanding Perception
Weekend #2:  The Nature of Desire
Weekend #3:   Process Work Intro
Weekend #4:   The Facilitator Stance

Additional Support:  Monthly 30 minute Individual Session with Trish included with foundation training.

Content Details:

Weekend #1: Expanding Perception
In order to facilitate you have to be able to see beyond what is obvious and on the surface. In this first weekend we will explore the skills of perception and a four step process for practicing your ability to see layers, access fields of information and interpret what you are seeing/sensing.

Weekend #2:  The Nature of Desire
Whether it’s a private session, a workshop or consulting for an organization…facilitating is helping people get what they really want. Understanding the nature of desire and how the Four Forces work, enables you to unlock the deeper motivations and strategies. In this module we will also look at power dynamics, how to identify when someone is connection, expression, purpose, and growth dominant and how to work with them.

Weekend #3: Process Work Intro
At the core of process work is the idea that everything including conflict, “negative” emotion, trauma, etc….is actually pointing us to something greater that wants to emerge. It is trusting that whatever shows up is what is needed to get us what we deeply want. In this weekend we will work with the fundamental concepts and skills of process work including how to identify, and work with triggers and conflict in ourselves and others.

Weekend #4:  The Facilitator Stance
In our approach, the facilitator is not separate from the process that is unfolding. Instead it requires ability to hold the larger role of leading as well as the awareness of being a full participant in the system and process unfolding. As leader, your fears, desires, judgments, beliefs and triggers are going to show up. In this weekend we will explore the stance, self-awareness and skills needed as well as the common situations that come up in this evolutionary facilitation style.

2016 Dates:
November 19-20th
December 3-4th
January 14-15th
February 4-5th

Saturday 10am – 6 pm (bring bag lunch)
Sunday 11am – 5pm (brunch included)
Meals will be part of training time

Location: Somerville, MA

Cost: $500 per weekend, $2000 total

Deposit to Hold Space: $500

Additional Payments*: $500 Due at November, December and January Weekends.

Pay in Full Discount: $200

*If additional payment arrangements are needed, don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can explore options.

If you are interested in attending, you may contact Trish at or fill out the form below and Trish will contact you to set up a time to talk.