Are You "All-in?" Our Manifesto

Are you All-in?

You don’t want to make money.

You want financial freedom and real wealth, doing the work you love, using your gifts and having an impact.

You don’t want a relationship.

You want a soul mate, not a romanticized cliché, but rather someone that challenges you to be a better version of yourself. A partner who is willing to open deeply, reveal themselves and really KNOW you. Someone that encourages your uniqueness and remembers who you really are even when you can’t.

You don’t want to get laid.

You want to have mind blowing sex, be broken open and stretched at the edge of your capacity for love, pleasure and the divine.

You don’t want 10,000 friends.

You want a kick ass army of allies that have your back, encourage you to live big, and are there to help you create, mastermind and bring into the world what you know is possible…who know how to have fun in the process.

You don’t want to lose weight.

You want to thrive, love being alive and fully enjoy the pleasures of being in a body while remembering you are so much more than a body.

You don’t want to get control of your life.

You want to feel the excitement and challenge of evolving…the satisfaction that comes from growing, expanding and pushing yourself to new levels of mastery.

You don’t want to be enlightened.

You want to live fully in the world, awake, wide open and on fire. You want to explore the edges of consciousness while celebrating your humanness and embracing the rich spectrum of emotion and experience.

You don’t want to change the world.

You are in love with the world and know what is possible! You don’t want to change people…you want to collaborate, cross-pollinate and evolve together. You want a world that’s even better than you imagine. You want to be a full participant in life and its evolution.

And most importantly, you don’t want to pick one of these.

You want them all…

Living "All-in" at the Evolving Edge...

Living “All-in,” is more than just an ideal to strive for. It is the inevitable outcome of aligning with what we call The Four Forces: connection, expression, purpose and growth.

We have found that these Four Forces are not only the common desires of human motivation, they are also what life wants for us….they are forces moving and influencing us whether we know it or not.

Not only can you have every desire in The Ollin Manifesto, in consciously engaging these desires, you step out onto the edge of our collective learning and claim your place as an impactful presence and pioneer in the world.

The Four Forces Framework is the foundation of the Ollin Institute. It is a simple yet powerful orientation and set of perspectives and skills that when engaged, support and amplify our individual and collective evolution.

They call you to become a different kind of participant.



We believe that we are being called to change a fundamental way we interact with the world.

Shifting from Orchestra to Jazz Improv

Many of us have been taught that life is like an orchestra. There is a hierarchy and there are fixed roles. We are either the conductor or one of the players. We can decide to play the conductor’s song, figure out how to get to be the conductor, or take our instrument and go off and play alone.

What if there was a different way? What if life were more like a Jazz Improv Ensemble?

Each person has their unique instrument (Expression) which they are an expert in. Each player comes together with the intention of playing amazing music (Purpose), but rather than a fixed song, the joy comes from what emerges (Growth) as they lean into each other supporting “what the music wants” and each other (Connection) in their solos (Expression).

What is created is beyond any song we could have imagined. That’s the real magic. I believe that is what many of us have been longing for…

However, there is a catch…


We need to upgrade our skills and capacities.

In order to create music rather than chaos, the jazz improv approach to life actually requires upgrades in our perspectives, capacities, skills, structures and even our senses. It requires us to show up fully – to be “all-in” and to be willing to engage in the evolutionary process as a conscious participant.

We see the areas of mastery and our evolution as facets. Each distinct, but also so interconnected that ultimately they are the same thing.

Individual Mastery:  We never stop knowing ourselves and growing. We need to know our instrument, how to play it and when we are off, how to get back into alignment.

Collaborative Mastery: Learning to play with others is an art, and we need new ways of creating and collaborating in order to face our current social and planetary challenges.

Collective Mastery: We are part of a bigger story and bigger wave of evolution. We are being called to participate consciously in this shift that is happening on the planet as leaders, as models and as visionaries.

Learn more about Facets of Mastery.

Living All-in, expands every aspect of your life...and impacts others.

The 7 Pathways are the aspects of our lives where we get to apply, practice, experiment and reap the rewards in real life. We use the pathways to organize our meetups and many of our events. We often combine the pathways in new and interesting ways and explore them from all three facets of mastery, including the leading edge of our understanding as humans. Learn more


Aligned we can make beautiful music together. Anything is possible...

Collective Ventures provide the opportunity for the Ollin community to work together to create real world projects that are even better than we could on our own.  Our collective ventures serve the dual purpose of providing opportunities for our members, including profit-sharing, promotion, leverage your message, and  partnering, as well as contributing to the greater good.

We have a few ideas that we have been developing including an evolutionary meeting space, and online learning hub. We also have started two programs to partner with you in your city. Learn more…